Behind The Brand


Meet Our She-EO

Known as Ms. MOG, Joann is a Brooklyn NY native with big dreams. With a spirit of a hustler and vigorous work ethics to match, it only make sense she chose the route of an entrepreneur. "Being born in the 90's, I saw rappers, entertainers, and moguls getting rich while doing what they loved. I wanted that too."

She tried her hand at many business ventures, but nothing kept her attention or passion like the beauty industry. "I took pride in making women feel beautiful... feel their best." In 2016, Made of Glam was created. Whether it be styling hair or photo-shoots, Ms. MOG was on it! Helping women showcase what they're made of. "I wanted to help women bring out their inner selves through glam. Ya girl is all about the glitz & glam."

Unfortunately, life took it's course and her empire took a back seat. She worked a few jobs and focused on her education. At the age of 30, currently working as a Paralegal during a pandemic, she decided she needed to take building her brand more seriously. "I'm a mom now and working during the pandemic has shown me I need to provide financial security for myself and my family... my way!"

& what better way to do that than doing what you love, which is helping people feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror. "I believe through positive vibes and manifestation, you can live the life you want to live. So keep asking, never stop believing, and you shall receive it."